Good News Care center



101 South Redland Road, Florida City, Florida
305.246.2844 (phone) 305.246.2822 (fax)

Our clinic provides free medical services to uninsured persons who are low income regardless of race, occupation, national origin or immigrant status.

The Good News Care Center provides medical, diagnostic and education services for adults, children, and teens in a caring and compassionate environment.

“Reaching People for Christ with Physical and Spiritual Healing.”

In Honor of Years of Faithful and Enduring Support The Good News Care Center and Miami Baptist Association Recognize Full Deliverance Baptist Church

Recently The Southern Baptist Association took the time to honor Full Deliverance Baptist Church and their service to one of South Dade’s most valuable resources, the Good News Care Center. “We thank you and appreciate all that you have provided in supporting the clinic and patient care with food, prayer and hours of volunteer labor through the years,” said Rev. Michael Daily, CEO.

Established and open continuously since 1996 the Good News Care Center is a ministry of Full Deliverance Baptist Church where Elder Victor Hickson is the pastor. The Center strives to provide, through collaborative partnerships, free access to primary care to those most in need. “When we say you don’t pay anything, you don’t pay anything,” said Elder Hickson. “The Good News Care Center provides honest service and meets the total needs of man.”

The Center provides medical and diagnostic services for the young and old including general check-ups, treatment of illness, specialized care for women and nutritional counseling. Good News Care Center is owned by the Miami Baptist Association and operates through the collaborative efforts of Baptist Health South Florida, First Baptist Church of Florida City, the University of Miami Pediatric Mobile Clinic and Nova Southeastern University Health Professions Division.

If you are uninsured and in need of assistance you may schedule an appointment by calling 305-246-2844 and visit the Good News Care Center at 101 South Redland Road, Florida City, FL 33034.