Healing Service


Here at Full Deliverance Baptist Church God is moving mightily. Healing, deliverance, and miracles happen through the power of the HolyGhost. The spirit of the Lord reigns supreme. One Lord, One faith, and One baptism. The trinity, Father, Son and the Holy Ghost, these three are one; Your healing, your deliverance, and your miracle is just a touch away, Come join us here at Full Deliverance Baptist Church where Miracles take place every Sunday.

Pastor Victor Hickson Is directed and moving under the power of the Holyghost. God speaks through him directly into your life. So come out and receive your Breakthrough your healing and your deliverance. Don’t let fear hold you back, for God did not give us the Spirit of fear but of Love Power and a sound mind.

Believing God for your Breakthrough.
Standing with you believing God
You are healed by his stripes
Believing God for your Healing
Your deliverance is now.
Thy Faith has made thee whole
In the mighty name of Jesus, you are healed.