A Word from Pastor Hickson

Pastor Victor Hickson Senior is a man of great faith who has experienced the miraculous power of God time and time again. As a child, he learned first–hand the awesome power of God when he was healed of a heart condition at 12 years of age. In a separate account, God’s hedge of protection kept him from bleeding to death after a vicious attack by two dogs. While most young men are looking to find themselves, Victor Hickson, at the age thirty, had already had his life’s calling predestined. He was ordained in 1988 at the age of twenty- six and served faithfully until God opened the door in 1991 for him to become the Pastor of Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ.

“Little Becomes Much when You Place It in The Master’s Hands.” 

It’s Time to Take the Next Step in Our Journey Together.

You can help thousands of people receive hope, healing and deliverance through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God’s saving grace is activated by planting a seed of faith. Plant that seed in the Master’s Hands and see the miracle of fruitfulness through the vision of Mustard Seed Partners.

You may not think that a small donation can do much, but Jesus taught us how he multiplied a young boy’s meal and fed thousands. We have seen Jesus do the same again and again in this ministry.

 We have seen God multiply our seeds of faith in beautiful and powerful ways. Truly, little has become much when we have placed it in the Master’s Hands.

The Lord has revealed to us that $20 is the seed of faith amount that will be multiplied into mercy, healing and deliverance for girls like Jewel and so many others. Your monthly gift of $20 will be doubled as more people give and doubled again as the ministries we already have in place are re-fueled with faith and resources.

We have the programs in place to serve what the Lord wants.

We are expectant to see Changed Lives!


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