Zions Glory Ministry

Zion’s Glory Ministry of Mime is a part of Full Deliverance Baptist Church. Zion’s Glory Ministry of Mime was created to encourage alternative forms of praise and worship for youth and adults. Zion’s Glory was formed in May of 2005. There were three divisions: Division One was called Juniors, which contains children ages 5 to 12. Division Two was called Seniors, which contains teenagers ages 13 to 17, and Division Three was called Adults, which contains adults ages 18 and over. Zion’s Glory is ministering the word of God through artistic expressions because miming is more than just a performance. Zion’s Glory is currently under the direction of Mrs. Quiana Bannerman-Thomas, who is also the founder of Zion’s Glory, and Mr. Brian Thomas is the group’s manager. They provide a positive atmosphere, which offers services such as self-esteem enhancement, and conflict resolution. The mime ministers of Zion’s Glory are expected to be living examples of model behavior. Zion’s Glory Mime ministers participate in rigorous training, which consists of mime technique exercises and self-discipline.

When the Lord shall build up Zion, He shall appear in his glory – Psalms 102:16

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